Here at Custom LDS Scriptures we pride ourselves on offering quality hand-made products to order. We know that our products cost more than the scriptures you get at Church Distribution and it would be nice to have some kind of assurance that the added cost is part of an investment in having scriptures last a long time, if not the rest of your mortal life. However, we also know that these are products from natural leathers and they get used, hopefully daily.

Accordingly we want to offer a guarantee that we feel help promote the greatest care for the products, as well as give you some kind of assurance that we will be there to support the products in the event that they don’t last as long as you had hoped.

In order to qualify for our Limited-Lifetime Guarantee one must purchase a custom set of scriptures, starting October 1st, 2016, as well as one of our handmade scripture cases, and the scriptures must be stored with the spine down in the case (meaning the words that are embossed on the spine of the book are in the bottom of the case, opposite the handle.) This is the proper storage for scriptures to care for their longevity, and to help ensure that the case does its job as well. Scriptures that show wear consistent with scriptures being stored with the spine up will not qualify for our limited-lifetime guarantee.

In the event that your scriptures show no damage from liquids, or in the event that the damage is not from usual wear and tear on the scriptures or the case, we will replace the case, and/or the scripture cover at no cost to you the customer. This guarantee is in effect for as long as Custom LDS Scriptures is in business/operation, that meets the terms listed above, and can be shown to be the result of normal wear and tear. For further questions or to submit your order under this guarantee, please contact us.