Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get:

Q. – Are these standard LDS scriptures or a reprinted version?
A. – The scriptures we use to bind our sets are purchased from LDS Distribution, or another retailer if the gilding or size is unavailable at the time. That means if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints offers the scriptures, we can use them. We currently use the 2013 Editions of the Standard Works as printed by the LDS Church.

Q. – Do you offer scriptures in the silver gilding WITH tabs (thumb indexing)? Why does it cost so much to get scriptures in Silver Gilding with Tabs
A. – When you order a new custom set of scriptures, we use the scriptures that are available from Church Distribution to fulfill that order. Currently, the LDS Church only makes scriptures in gold gilding. Because of this, Custom LDS Scriptures needs to go through an external and costly process to convert gold scriptures into silver. In order to convert gold scriptures to silver, there are some highly specialized processes that take time, money, and additional costs. First, to convert gold to silver gilding, approximately 1/6 of an inch is cut off the edges of a gold set without indexing. With fresh gild-free page edges, our vendor then applies the silver gilding (in a process that would resemble painting). Because of this process, the book must not have any tabs or there would be globs of gilding content that would fill in the tabs anyway. Once the scriptures are silver gilded, we then have to ship the scriptures to an additional vendor that then cuts in the thumb indexing tabs to the sides of the pages. Because there is considerable setup involved in the spacing and cutting of the tabs themselves, doing short runs, if not single runs of this process have considerable set up fees and charges associated. Due to the times involved in shipping products across country to these different vendors, there are lots of costs, and an increase of a minimum of 6 week lead time to the order. It is important to note that because we have to start with an unindexed set of scriptures, we can ONLY offer the silver gilding in the regular size scripture sizes.
*** There are times that we might find the compact or large sizes unindexed BUT please contact us first to guarantee that option.

Q. – Can I get custom foil stamping on the covers and book spines?
A. – Yes! We have a set of stamps that we feel are the most common, or we can make the stamps from scratch. We have Angel Moroni’s and other common LDS icons. There are additional charges based on the size of the stamp and the complexity of the art work requested. Names of the books on the spine, and the name on the front cover are included. We have several other colors of foil options available as well, in case you have a desire to emboss in red, purple, gold, silver, or pink. Please contact us to discuss those options.

Q. – Why don’t your scriptures come stamped with the name of the church on the spine?
A. – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints owns the copyright to that logo and have asked other entities to not use it on commercial products as they are not made by the church. We respect those laws and the wishes of the Church on the matter. The scriptures inside however do remain intact and therefore carry all standard features found in the Standard Works.

Q. – What is the average lead time on orders (how long does it take to get my scriptures)?
A. – Because we use top quality leathers and demand fluctuates, we aim to complete orders within a 2-8 week lead time, but that is not a guaranteed time. Please call if lead time on orders is a concern. We are dedicated to improving methods and finding suppliers to improve on this time. However, we are more committed to quality than speed. Rush orders can be requested, there is an additional cost to rush your order, call to discuss your scenario. Silver gilding adds an additional 2-4 week lead time to an order due to the added process of re-gilding the gold scriptures. These are not guaranteed times, but rather an estimate. Times will vary based on demand and leather supply.

Q. – Are there different costs for different colors?
A. – Not necessarily. Price is effected by size of the scriptures, gilding, and other custom requests. Color does not change the price, unless a color is requested that is not listed on our color page. Custom leather colors can be arranged and price will be determined based on special order. From time to time there will be special colors/styles but the price will be reflected should that be the case. Call if you have any questions.

Q. – Can we send in our own leathers to be bound by Custom LDS Scriptures?
A. – Yes, but there is no change in price as a result. We will return any extra unused leather. We cannot bind in all leathers and sizes. So before purchasing a leather, please call to confirm that we are able to use the leather you want.

Q. – What size of scriptures do you offer?
A. – We can bind scriptures for any size scriptures that are offered through LDS Distribution. We are even currently researching a way to custom bind military size scriptures as well. Pricing is on our pricing page. For pricing of other sizes not listed, please contact us.

Q. – Do your scriptures come with tabs?
A. – We bind scriptures that are offered through LDS Distribution. With regular, compact, and large print gold gilded editions, they all come with tabs. Scriptures for silver gilding have to start off with no tabs (read silver gilding process above) and can then be sent out to have tabs cut. If you want an un-tabbed gold gilded version, they are only available in the regular size. There are times that the church has the other sizes available with no tabs but contact us first to see if those options are available.

Q. – Can I return the scriptures if I don’t like the color?
A. – All sales are final. Each set of scriptures are made to order. So, you can return them if you want… but we won’t refund your money once the scriptures are sent out. If there is a problem with your scriptures, we can discuss a remedy as we are dedicated to your satisfaction. If color is a concern, customers can request samples of the leathers prior to ordering so as to ensure colors and combinations prior to ordering.

Q. – Do you offer Gift Certificates, and if so, how does that work?
A. – Yes, we offer gift certificates. You can pre-pay for a set of scriptures (quad, triple and bible) or whatever you want to give as a gift. We issue a digital receipt that works as a gift certificate that you can print out and give to whomever you wish. When the recipient wants to redeem the gift certificate, enter the code we send to the customer and use that towards their scriptures. Gift certificates are good until redeemed.

Q. – Where are you located?
A. – We are an internet based company and do not have a store front. We work from our home but in the event that you want to do the local drop off/pick up option instead of have your product shipped, please call, text, or email to make arrangements with us. We currently use our Chiropractic Office in West Valley City, UT as a location:

2101 W. 3500 S.
West Valley City, UT 84119

We can also meet up in American Fork, UT. If you order using the local pickup option, we will contact you when your order is ready.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions that you might have.