Bryce Harper – Major League Baseball All-Star

Bryce-Harper-Facebook-AdBryce Harper has earned a number of accolades since starting in the league in 2012 including Rookie of the Year, and, in 2015 was named National League MVP. After receiving his set of scriptures he posted a picture of them to his Instagram account for his (then) 865,000 followers to see.


He said:


Janice Kapp Perry – LDS Songwriter and Author

Janice Kapp Perry -CLDSSCustom LDS Scriptures would like to thank Janice Kapp Perry for endorsing Custom LDS Scriptures! Janice Kapp Perry is a legendary song writer known for songs like, “As Sisters In Zion” (hymn #309 in the current hymn book), “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus,” “A Child’s Prayer,” and many more. With over 50 albums to her credit of original music, numerous sacred cantatas, several full-length musicals, and her music is known world-wide throughout the Church. In the ten years previous to leaving on their mission, Janice and Doug traveled extensively giving firesides and women’s conferences around the United States. Her music has been performed by artists such as Gladys Knight, Brooks & Dunn, and The Osmonds-Second Generation. She recently has written and published three volumes of new sacred hymns with a variety of hymn text writers, as well as a book telling the stories behind her songs.

We are honored to have her endorse Custom LDS Scriptures.



Coach Kyle Whittingham – University of Utah Football

Coach and Kylie Whittingham“My wife and I could think of no better gift to give our children for Christmas than a set of scriptures that they would love and cherish for the rest of their lives. Custom LDS Scriptures ended up being the perfect gift.”

Coach Kyle Whittingham and daughter Kylie with her brand new two tone set of scriptures.





Additional Testimonials:

“I LOVE my custom Scriptures. I had the large quad “Antique Leather” with the gold pages. It looks wonderful. It was just what I was hoping for. Originally, I had ordered a different color and received a call from them to discuss my choice in greater detail. I am currently serving as a Bishop and did not want my scriptures to appear too “flashy”. Knowing this, we discussed moving away from my original thought and going to a more conservative look (which still gets quite a bit of attention because of the thick antique look of the “old” leather).

I absolutely LOVE them and would recommend anyone looking for a unique and long lasting set of scriptures to consider these as an option.”
~ M. Payne

“My granddaughter just opened her gift…hot pink quad with black lettering and LOVES it!!! Thanks for your great product!!!”
~ S. Bird

~ S. Simpson

“I have been searching for a new set of scriptures for myself. And now I found the perfect place!”
~E. Fralick