This is the Church’s official hymnbook in pocket size, only with our rebind and covers on the outside. It is designed for use by congregations, choirs, families, and individuals. It includes several indexes and a section on using the hymnbook. Our hymnals also come standard with 1 ribbon bookmark (to let you mark the next hymn to be sung).


Foil color choice for embossing (optional)

We match the foil color for embossing to the color of the page gilding by default. If you would like a different color please comment what color you are hoping for and we will contact you to confirm if it can be done.
Some colors we have available are: black, dark pink, turquoise, dark red, green, dark blue, dark purple, copper, and white.

Silver Page Gilding (optional)

The pocket size hymn book comes with gold page gilding. Page gilding is the metallic coating on the outside of the pages. We can send the hymn book to get silver gilding as an added customization.

Book Ribbons

Hymn books come with one book ribbon. We match the book ribbon to the color of the book if we have the matching color or we use another color that we think looks good; for example: gold, silver, black, brown, or white.
Please comment below if you prefer something different.

Cover Color *

Select colors for cover of the book

Spine Color

*Optional* Select color for the spine if it is going to be a different color than the cover color.

Name/Personalization (optional)

For the input of the owner’s name (max 23 characters – spaces count as a character)

Font choice for name/personalization (optional)

Choose between a standard block print font, or script/cursive style font

Spine Cords (optional)

The raised bumps on the spine of the book. The number of spine cords may have an affect on the amount of custom artwork can be applied to the spine. Comes in 2 or 3 cords.

Hard or Soft Cover

Hard cover or soft (or flex) cover. If the box is left unchecked, the default or assumed choice is soft cover.

Rush Order (optional)

Our current turnaround time for scriptures with gold page gilding and/or hymn books is about 4-5 weeks. If you need your order sooner than 4-5 weeks, there is a rush fee that will need to be applied to your order. Please specify the date you need your order by in the comment section after entering your shipping address. We will contact you to confirm or let you know if we cannot accommodate the time frame and work with you on what is possible.
*If you are ordering multiple items; select the ‘Rush Order for Multiple Items’ and it will apply to your entire order.
We won’t be able to do rush orders for silver gilding due to sending these out to other companies. Silver gilding orders generally take about 6-8 weeks.

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Q. – Do you offer hymn books in the gold or silver gilding? Why does it cost so much for gold or silver gilding to be done?
A. – When you order a new custom hymn book, we use the hymn books that are available from Church Distribution to fulfill that order. Currently, the LDS Church only makes the pocket hymn book with gold page gilding and the regular size hymn book with no page gilding. Because of this, Custom LDS Scriptures needs to go through an external and costly process to convert gold into silver or no page gilding to gold or silver. In order to convert page gilding, there are some highly specialized processes that take time, money, and additional costs. If the book already has page gilding, approximately 1/16 of an inch has to be cut off the edges of the book. With fresh gild-free page edges, our vendor then applies the gilding. Due to the times involved in shipping products across country to a third party vendor, there are lots of costs, and an increase of a minimum of 6-8 week lead time to the order.