Custom LDS Scriptures is a family owned business. In 2010, when the family’s oldest daughter turned eight and they wanted a pink set of scriptures to give as a baptism present. In the search for pink colored scriptures it was determined that there are several other people not only looking for pink scriptures, but  a variety of other colors than those offered through LDS Distribution, and in a higher quality genuine leather. Not finding anyone who offered such products, Heidi and Nick set out to provide custom sets of scriptures to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Custom LDS Scriptures was born.

The Galieti’s, like many other families, believe that the Scriptures are books to be cherished, honored, and read from daily. One way to achieve this end, is to own a set of scriptures that are quality leather bound, made to last and be enjoyed for generations. Custom LDS Scriptures uses top quality lambskin and cow leathers, as well as other high quality materials to bind the Standard Works together in your, one of a kind, custom scripture set. Each set of scriptures comes with embossed book names on the spine and owners name stamped on the front standard.

Custom LDS Scriptures offers LDS Edition scriptures with color schemes not available anywhere else. The most popular are pink LDS scriptures, great for young women, or women of any age. With many more options available upon request or desire. Custom Scriptures make great gifts for a variety of occasions including baptisms gifts, mission gifts, wedding gifts, or just to have a high quality, long lasting set of scriptures.